Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where Hearts Are Free, by Golden Keyes Parsons

The third novel in the series "A Darkness to Light" resulted from inspiration found in the author's genealogy. That background was intriguing, as well as its setting in the 1600s. Bridget Barrington fell in love with her family's indentured servant, Philippe Clavell. As soon as she reached marriageable age, her parents arranged for her to meet and marry a rake named Edward Moorehead. Only then did Bridget inform them of her longtime love for Philippe. Prospects were very bleak, in view of the fact that his term of indenture did not end for a few weeks yet. The evening after Bridget told Philippe of her love for him, Mr. Barrington ended the term of his service in exchange for his never again contacting his daughter. Philippe Clavell returned to his family in the Schuylkill Valley. He did not even open the one letter he received from Bridget. Meanwhile, his younger brother Charles remained behind and helped to rescue Bridget just in time.

Even though the main characters were Christian, Where Hearts Are Free contains multiple accounts of violent actions committed by others. The descriptions given were entirely unnecessary to the storyline and ruined an otherwise harmless book. For this reason, I would not recommend Where Hearts Are Free or any other book by Golden Keyes Parsons to careful, Christian readers.

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